4 Key Characteristics of Longer Lasting Shocks and Struts

Monroe® combines critical design advantages, best-in-class warranty

to satisfy installers and their customers over the long run


Brussels, Belgium, February 2, 2024 – Repeat customers are the lifeblood of successful automotive service businesses. Repeat customers for the same repair, on the other hand, are quite the opposite. This is why leading installers take a close, hard look at the brands and products they choose for their customers’ vehicles. And research shows that a key consideration in this process is the likelihood that the part will last longer, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Designing and building products that last longer is a hallmark of the globally respected Monroe brand. When it comes to shock absorbers and struts, Monroe has mastered the challenge of delivering products that are engineered and built to endure. This commitment to lasting quality and performance reduces the chance of a costly comeback and helps installers increase sales by enabling them to solve more ride performance issues the first time, every time. It also provides the peace of mind installers need to ensure their customers’ vehicles will provide safe, reliable performance.

How can installers identify shocks and struts that will last longer? ​ Look for the Monroe brand, which has invested in four critical product advantages:


  1. Premium super-finishing anti-corrosion rod coating. Pitting and other corrosion to the shock or strut rod is a leading cause of fluid leaks. Monroe product engineers have developed a premium rod coating technology which, when combined with a properly functioning shock protection kit, helps keep the rod clean and smooth over its full operating life.
  2. Exceptionally smooth rod finishing. Tenneco and Monroe use leading-edge, super-strong rod materials and advanced machining technology to ensure the smoothest possible rod finish. This, in turn, helps ensure longer shock/strut life by preventing leakage.
  3. Best-in-class oil seals. The oil seal retains shock and strut fluid – and locks out dirt, water and other contaminants – at the point where the rod meets the shock/strut body. Once the oil seal is damaged, fluid can escape the unit, resulting in a loss of damping. This is why Monroe shocks and struts are equipped with best-in-class oil seals manufactured from premium rubber materials that provide outstanding performance even in extreme (-40˚ C to +120˚ C) temperatures.
  4. Industry-best, 5-year warranty*. The 5-year warranty offered on qualifying Monroe shocks and struts says a great deal about the confidence Monroe product engineers have in these units – and the confidence professional installers can have by choosing Monroe over other brands. This warranty reflects the quality built into each qualifying Monroe product, including the premium enhancements described above.


Here's What Your Peers Say

Of course, the best way to assess the quality of longer lasting Monroe shocks and struts is to listen to what other automotive service professionals have to say. “With Monroe, I feel confident,” said an installer in France. Another, based in Poland, added, “If I see a brand granting extended warranty, then that’s a sign it’s good quality. A third installer said, “When you have the same clients for 15 years, you know you are working with good products.”

Quality. Confidence. Strong customer satisfaction. Longer lasting parts. Repairs that will keep customers satisfied over the long run. ​ Each of these benefits is available to installers who choose Monroe shocks and strut. This is why Monroe products are the preferred choice of professionals around the world.

To learn more about how Monroe designs and builds products that last longer for today’s vehicles, visit www.monroe.com, or scan the QR code printed on Monroe product packaging.

* Warranty limitations apply. Valid only in Europe and South Africa. See Monroe.com for full terms and conditions.









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