Enhance your stopping ability… install brake pads the right way

Brake pads are amongst a vehicle’s hardest working components. In just a single journey they can be applied hundreds of times, so it’s no surprise that replacing them is one of the most common tasks that a garage and mechanic may need to complete.

Additionally, the frequency and the straightforward nature of replacement mean that they represent an excellent source of revenue for garages. However, while brake pad replacement is a relatively simple task for an experienced mechanic, getting it wrong can have a major impact on a garage’s efficiency, the relationship with the customer, income and, of course, the safety, performance and durability of a vehicle’s braking system.


First-time fix and best practice
First-time fix and best practice

With brake pad replacement then, a first-time-fix and best practice are more important than ever. Swapping pads can take mere minutes but there is a recognised installation process and the emergence of new technology, in terms of both design and material, dictate that this process has and continues to evolve. Hence, it’s also essential that even the most experienced mechanics and technicians keep abreast with braking developments.

Understanding, awareness and attention to detail can be the difference between successfully undertaking brake pad replacement and a disgruntled customer or invalid warranty claim. A sample of things that need to be considered are how to inspect, prepare and, if necessary, replace associated components prior to fitment, the quality and type of pads (some may be directional or have rivets on the backplate that need to be correctly aligned), the use of grease and even how the customer needs to ‘bed’ them in after leaving the workshop.

Fortunately, Garage Gurus -the support service from DRiV- is on hand to help. All this information and more is covered in their in-depth article that is focused on brake pad replacement. The content has been designed to answer any question that mechanics may have on the subject and, ultimately, contribute to making their everyday roles easier. Read the full article here Fitting brake pads (garagegurus.tech)

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