Garage Gurus Provide Vehicle Emissions System Inspection Training for AECA-ITV Technicians

Garage Gurus, a global team of automotive training professionals from the DRiV Motorparts division of Tenneco (NYSE: TEN), recently provided comprehensive vehicle emissions control training to more than 600 technicians from the Spanish Association of Collaborating Entities of the Administration in the Technical Inspection of Vehicles (AECA-ITV). Tenneco is a leading manufacturer of emissions control systems and components for the original equipment (OE) and replacement markets.

The Garage Gurus team, led by Oscar Oskarsson, senior training manager, DRiV Motorparts Group EMEA, delivered six two-hour training sessions for technicians representing ITV centers from every Spanish province. In addition, each participant received access to DRiV’s sophisticated 4G AGAR emissions control diagnostic software, which helps users determine the root causes of vehicle emissions problems.

As emissions legislation tightens in Europe and around the world, vehicle manufacturers and suppliers apply advanced technologies to enhance powertrain efficiency to ensure compliance with current and future regulations. It is also very important to ensure that emissions performance of older vehicles is tested appropriately when drivers are required to have the roadworthiness of their vehicles certified as part of their annual vehicle inspections.

“Ongoing training for vehicle inspection technicians is extremely important as on-board vehicle technologies evolve to become increasingly complex,” Oskarsson said. “This Spanish initiative demonstrates the professionalism of the AECA-ITV network as it works to ensure that ​ technicians have the latest information available to best perform their crucial task of keeping vehicles both in safe operating condition and compliant with emissions standards.”

Conducted in cooperation with the Spanish Association of Automotive Suppliers (SERNAUTO), the training sessions were designed to enhance technicians’ knowledge of emissions control technologies and their understanding of the benefits of homologation of emissions control parts, including improved vehicle performance, lower fuel consumption and reduced environmental impact.

Feedback from AECA-ITV participants was overwhelmingly positive. Some technicians expressed interest in receiving additional Garage Gurus training on topics such as vehicle suspension and braking technologies. Ignacio Alvarez, a technician from Majadahonda, Madrid, said: “I learned a lot of things. I wish they would give more training like this because in the end we, the ITV workers, have to know everything in general (about vehicles) and are the ones who are usually in front of the drivers.”

Massi Milani, executive director sales, marketing and commercial operations, DRiV, added: “Every opportunity to grow participation with the automotive industry by collaborating and sharing our people and online content is good for everyone.”

AECA-ITV represents more than 440 ITV centers and approximately 1,200 inspection lines. These facilities conduct a combined total of some 20 million vehicle inspections per year.

Oscar Oskarsson, senior training manager, DRiV Motorparts Group EMEA
Oscar Oskarsson, senior training manager, DRiV Motorparts Group EMEA

Simonetta Esposito

Media Relations Europe, DRiV



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